From ‘Pork Chop’ to BBC, CNN, SKY News and Jane Goodall’s entrance hall, Pigcasso has captured the public imagination, and is collected by art connoisseurs around the world. When Joanne Lefson rescued a small piglet form a local industrialised ‘farm’ in 2016, she knew this pig was smart and creative enough to become one of the greatest Abstract Expressionists in the World! True to plan, Pigcasso ate or destroyed everything at Farm Sanctuary SA - except the paint brushes that Lefson had left in her stall! With some positive reinforcement from Lefson, Pigcasso began to paint - and paint - and the rest is hog history! The painting process is an extraordinary collaboration between human and pig. Lefson selects the colours; Pigcasso takes the brush in her mouth and moves it mindfully across the canvas. Every original is signed with Pigcasso's nose-tip.

Amongst a number of notable endorsements, Pigcasso is the first non-human top have ever held her own art exhibition and in 2019, she designed a SWATCH watch which was sold out around the world in a few hours. In December 2021, the swine made history when one of her artworks ‘Wild and Free’ sold for $26,000. It was the highest selling non-human’ artwork ever created, beating the previous record held by a chimpanzee called Congo in 2005. She has also released her own wine label from the grapes that have miraculously survived her robust appetite.

The sale of her artworks benefit the registered NPO Farm Sanctuary SA that Lefson established in 2016. The duo aim to release a documentary and establish Pigcasso as one of the greatest artists of our time - all for the greater mission of highlighting the detrimental effects of animal agriculture on the welfare animals, the planet and Climate Change - and to ultimately inspire a kinder, more sustainable planet for all.