Oscar was adopted in 2004 from a local Cape Town shelter within one day of being euthanised. Joanne Lefson and Oscar formed an instant bond that would transform both of their lives forever. Inseparable, the two travelled everywhere together and people were immediately attracted to Oscar's unique looks and engaging personality; they couldn't believe that such a great dog was available from a shelter. In 2009 the two embarked on the ‘WORLD WOOF TOUR’; a global adventure aimed to raise widespread awareness for the plight of shelter dogs.

In so doing, Oscar became the first and only dog to ever travel around the world, visiting shelters and schools in 42 countries across 5 continents. Highlights included Oscar walking the Great Wall of China, kissing the Sphinx, climbing Machu Picchu, sailing the Amazon, posing in the Red Square, hang gliding over Rio and tying the knot with Lefson in Las Vegas. Lefson wrote a best-selling book ‘Ahound The World’ about their journey and the duo gave ongoing speaking engagements about their travels for the years that followed. Oscar’s acclaimed travels made him the international ambassador for homeless dogs, raising invaluable awareness for their plight and inpiring adoption of dogs from shelters.

When Oscar passed away in Califiornia in 2013, Lefson returned to South Africa in order to open a dynamic dog adoption initiative in his honour. Oscar’s journey continues through 'Oscars Arc' – a lasting tribute to the adopted dog who's life and endearing friendship inspired hers and so many others – and who’s legacy drives the passion and purpose behind the organization’s dedicated mission to 'home them all’.