As a PR and marketing strategist to inspire a more compassionate world for animals, Joanne Lefson continues to drive her foundations forward.  

Lefson’s unique collaboration with Pigcasso has already showcased the intelligence and creative geniuses of pigs to millions of viewers online. Now, the two creatives are gearing up to go global and to make art history! A ground breaking exhibition featuring the unrivalled works of the porcine Abstract Expressionist will launch in London later this year (COVID dates tbc), and will be followed by Hamburg, Berlin and New York City. The unprecedented exhibition,OINK! A narrative on our Love for Food, Animals and Global Warnings will aim to challenge the status quo, inspiring an awakened connection between our food choices, the welfare of animals and climate change. Lefson aims to raise millions for the cause and to establish Pigcasso as one of the greatest artists of the 21st century. To support, invest or learn more about the OINK! Exhibition, visit pigcasso.org

Oscars Arc Trust continues to inspire dog adoption and to save dogs’ lives through innovative marketing and offering the public an unrivalled dog adoption experience. Oscars Arc's signature pop-up adoption unit  ‘WOOF Project’ continues to activate in popular public locations every weekend and is dramatically increasing adoption rates while reshaping the public's opinion to the ‘awesome; benefits of adopting a shelter dog. Since its inception in March 2017, Oscars Arc WOOF Project has saved over 3300 dogs’ lives and has an unrivalled and consistent weekly adoption rate of 19.3. In 2021, a EU branch of WOOF Project opened in Belgium. Lefson aims to further develop WOOF project as a global platform with the signature goal being to ‘Home Them All’.